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  • granfondo Alé La Merckx
    9 June 2019


    The heart of the city of Verona has been confirmed for the third year in a row to be the soul of the Granfondo Alé La Merckx, that will be held on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

    From the royal stage of Piazza Bra will start the paths of mediofondo and granfondo that will animate the artists of the pedal in Verona, home of Shakespearean inspiration.

    The test will be an excellent stopover for the Alé Challenge circuit, including all the most beautiful and vaunted cycling granfondo in northern Italy, unquestionably captained by Alé La Merckx, an event dedicated to the leading company in the production of technical cycling clothing Alé and fearless and unstoppable 'cannibal' Belgian Eddy Merckx, able to challenge the impossible and beat him.

    GRANFONDO (www.alelamerckx.com)

    MEDIOFONDO (www.alelamerckx.com)

    • Verona
    • Piazza Bra
    • 26 April 2019

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