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santini redux

Santini Cycling Wear presents the REDUX family of ultra-lightweight, ergo-aerodynamic cycling performance clothing for 2018. Created in Bergamo factory from all Italian materials, REDUX was born from an experiment to push the envelope of what’s possible in a cycling kit.


“In many ways, REDUX was a skunkworks project that actually came to fruition,” says Santini lead

REDUX was originally inspired by a new woven fabric called Prey that offered  greater weight reduction, thermal-regulation, and friction/drag reduction than the knitted fabrics typically used for cycling clothing. The team then adopted some of our most-advanced clothing-construction techniques, like laser-cut, concealed rear pockets for a reduced aero profile, and thermo-sealed seams that we use to fully exploit the innate super-elastic and compressive nature of that fabric. Those elements, plus a pared down design for a super-clean aesthetic, resulted in REDUX, the streamlined, ultra-high-performance family of cycling clothing that now sits at the very top of our product line.

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The last week of the 101st edition of the Giro will have some of the most beautiful and tough mountain roads in Piedmont and promises to be a grand finale for the conquest of the Maglia Rosa. Three uphill finishes will be unforgiving on the legs, but will forever crown the winners. The fans will be close up to the contenders and will create take home great memories of this race on the great climbs: Prato Nevoso, Bardonecchia and Cervinia

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Apertura nuovo negozio SPOT-ON Bike a Bormio

Grand Opening in Bormio of Spot-On Bike Shop. From the 1st of May you’ll have the opportunity to rent the best, top of the range bicycles and climb the most notorious alpine peaks, like his majesty, “Stelvio – The King”.

You’ll find lots of new things at Spot-On Bike shop, like the new Pinarello Nytro, the bike that is distinguished by its elegance and is top of the line features. With the new Nytro and its Fazua 400W engine, you’ll be able to set aside your fears and crown your dream.


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L’Ultima tappa del Giro 2018 nella “Città Eterna”

With a fantastic effort by the organizers and the host cities, the 2018 Giro D’Italia starts in Israel and ends in Rome, and will surely be a race remembered for years to come. (more…)

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