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malaga kt santini with Alessandro Vanotti

The new MALAGA kit is part of the Santini x La Vuelta 2018 Official Collection. The new design by Santini designer Fergus Niland celebrates both the first four stages of Spain’s epic Grand Tour, and the city of Malaga, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.


The Vuelta Espana may be the toughest Grand Tour of the 2018 season. Unforgiving team and individual time trials, explosive, high-altitude finishes, and dozens of other challenges face the riders. The Vuelta is a race that can break a champion or launch the career of an up-and-comer. But as tough as the racecourse is, the country of Spain provides a backdrop rich with beauty, culture, and history. (more…)

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KASK are delighted to announce that their road helmet VALEGRO has won a prestigious iF Design Award, a world-renowned design prize.
The VALEGRO won in the ‘Product’ discipline in the ‘Sports/Outdoor/Bicycles’ category in which there were 71 competing products. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF Design Award.
KASK’s helmet won over the 63-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its cutting edge design and functionality. The competition was high with over 6,400 entries submitted from 54 countries; all in the hope of receiving the seal of quality.


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santini redux

Santini Cycling Wear presents the REDUX family of ultra-lightweight, ergo-aerodynamic cycling performance clothing for 2018. Created in Bergamo factory from all Italian materials, REDUX was born from an experiment to push the envelope of what’s possible in a cycling kit.


“In many ways, REDUX was a skunkworks project that actually came to fruition,” says Santini lead

REDUX was originally inspired by a new woven fabric called Prey that offered  greater weight reduction, thermal-regulation, and friction/drag reduction than the knitted fabrics typically used for cycling clothing. The team then adopted some of our most-advanced clothing-construction techniques, like laser-cut, concealed rear pockets for a reduced aero profile, and thermo-sealed seams that we use to fully exploit the innate super-elastic and compressive nature of that fabric. Those elements, plus a pared down design for a super-clean aesthetic, resulted in REDUX, the streamlined, ultra-high-performance family of cycling clothing that now sits at the very top of our product line.

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