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  • gf-campagnolo
    14 October 2018

    Granfondo Campagnolo Roma

    It's time to ride along the roads of Ethernal City and its surroundings; on the 14th October more than 6000 cyclist will take part to the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma. The long way is 120 km long with more than 2000 mt of climb from Rome City Center to the fabulous region of "Castelli Romani; 4 climbing timetrial for the cyclists from all over the world: Panoramica, Murus, Rocca Priora e Rostrum.

    The shorter routes "In Bici ai Castelli" is 65 km long with 650 km of climb with the nice passage along the Lake of Castelgandolfo and the way back along the Appian Way.

    The 30 km-long"Imperiale" is the ride for old bikes with a journey through the history along the Appian Way.



    The passage at Colosseum

    The passage at Colosseum

    • Silva Hotel Splendid
    • Corso Nuova Italia, 402
    • 23 March 2019

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